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              From the power of the inner core, the system is officially released with the kitchen nuclear cyclone 2.0

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              Nuclear cyclone 1.0
              Born in September 2016
              Walked through the solid 635 days
              Sales of up to 105,000 pieces
              Serving families over 80,000 homes
              May 2018
              We embark on a new journey
              In the long-awaited Nuclear Cyclone 2.0 is new to the world

              Well known as
              a toilet /> The most critical point is the core - water parts
              From 1.0 to 2.0
              Using the kitchen to continuously polish the products
              Upgrade nuclear cyclone performance
              And successfully achieved a new breakthrough in decompression
              Reached < /> Service life +
              Functional stability +
              Product suitability +
              Next, tasting with Xiao Ye Song
              Highlights of Nuclear Cyclone 2.0!

              航瓷阀芯 /> Break through 12KG and easily decompress

              Nuclear Cyclone 2.0 is extended by the patented technology of nuclear cyclone 1.0 aviation porcelain valve core, using high-tech ceramic products instead of rubber seals. The ceramic parts are made of aerospace-grade ceramic materials such as alumina, which is fired at a high temperature of 1650~1680°C. It has the advantages of high precision, high density, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, good sealing performance and long service life. It is upgraded on the basis of 1.0, breaking through 12KG, and the decompression effect is obvious (national standard detection pressure 5.5kg).

              Turbocharging Technology
              Super strong force 2.2L/S

              In the operation process, the water pressure turbine with the ceramic valve core forms a strong impulse, and the flow rate of the water is fierce, and the water is stopped instantaneously to avoid secondary flushing, thereby also saving water.

              Suspension capsules /> Universal adjustable

              The new generation of suspended space capsule inlet valve has small sound in the water, and can adjust the water level according to needs. It has high adaptability and is suitable for water tank, split toilet and connected toilet.

              Double filtration drainage self-cleaning
              Increased service life to 200,000 times

              200,000 destructive tests were carried out on the cyclone water with mud and salt mixture. The test results show that the service life of the product has increased to 200,000 times.

              Nuclear Cyclone 2.0 PK Nuclear Cyclone 1.0
              All "core" wins

              After continuous grinding and testing, Nuclear Cyclone 2.0 achieves a new breakthrough:
              1) The second generation ceramic valve core, breaking through 12KG, the weight is greatly reduced, and it can be easily decompressed (national standard detection pressure 5.5kg);
              2) Replace the 1.0 small nut structure with a small round buckle structure, the assembly is simple, the assembly gap is in place, and the drain valve sealing function is stable;
              3) After the design of the pylon is adjusted, the product injection molding is stable and does not deform, and the drain valve function is stable;
              4) The hydration switch can be adjusted by adjusting the hydration switch to adjust the hydration ratio within the range of 0-30%.
              The soul of quality is in the heart of the craftsmanship. Every progress has always impaired our way of life and constantly improves all aspects of our lives. In the future, we will continue to work hard with everyone, constantly improving our products, and let our kitchen products have more temperature and make people's lives better. (From now on, the unified nuclear cyclone 2.0 toilet will be new in stores all over the country, welcome to book in advance or go to the store for consultation.)


              Guangdong TOYO Sanitary Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, the company is located in Guxiang Town, the first town of Chinese sanitary ceramics.

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