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              The first 518 unified day grand opening

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              Ignite the dream torch / the era of creation and use
              The brand is created for the customer and saved for the user
              Make unremitting efforts to realize more people's dreams
              May 18, 2012
              In order to better serve the team business circle and lead the family to achieve a common dream
              The fund is born in the future
              After the unified chairman Chen Dahang
              Years of hard work with older generation operators
              Yingying Fund from product integration platform
              Gradually developed into a
              Juxian (product professional advantage), deliberation, decision-making integrated platform
              By integrating people and resources
              Plan the direction of the brand and get first-hand market information
              Thereby gathering more advantages to participate in market competition
              Get ahead of the industry's development speed
              Let the nation's operators get more benefits
              Let the system and the Chinese dream come closer to reality
              The birth of the surplus fund
              Is an innovation and subversion of the industry's business model
              The situation of the interests of the original manufacturers
              Updated to work for all of us to work together for a lifetime
              Five lakes and four seas are brothers, and they use a bathroom family.
              To commemorate the birth of the fund,
              In the 2018 annual national distributor conference
              Mr. Chen Dahang, Chairman of the Board of Directors
              The anniversary of the birth of the foundation each year
              Defined as a unified date
              The first commemorative day of use
              Unified use of 100 dreamers
              Create industry events
              May 18th to May 24th
              Tens of thousands of outlets nationwide linkage
              Will provide consumers with exclusive preferential policies
              High quality products
              And perfect after-sales protection
              The peak is letting you wait for you to come!


              Guangdong TOYO Sanitary Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, the company is located in Guxiang Town, the first town of Chinese sanitary ceramics.

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