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              Warmly celebrate the successful end of the 2018 dealer conference!

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              Welcome to use the family to go home! On April 26th, the General Kitchen Distributors Conference was on schedule. The theme of the conference was “Chen Meng 2018·Creating a Unified Age”, with the chairman Chen Dahang, Tong Fu’s Chairman Chen Wuhao, Tong Yong’s Operation Director Zhang Zhenzhong, and Tong Ying’s Secretary General Xie Huan and other leaders. Chen Shuzhao, leader of the water tank factory, Jiang Conggao, Xiongjia lecturer, Jiang Guanghui lecturer and other guests, media friends from Zhongjie.com, and outstanding dealer partners from all over the country gathered in Fengcheng. We made important sharing with the development plan of Wei Kitchen and conducted in-depth exchanges.

              Although the conference only has two days of travel, it uses the attitude of the industry benchmark to share the industry market dynamics, display the water tank factory, intelligent ceramics factory and other production bases with the participating distributor partners, and proposes to use the strategic plan for the next five years. And layout. Strong brand influence combined with strong professional strength, in 2018, the use of the kitchen chefs conference, full of fruit.

              Visit the production base
              Witness the strength of the general use
              April 26th is the first day of the dealer conference. Visiting the water tank factory and the intelligent ceramics factory has become the highlight, and the strength is to show the hard power and production skills of the kitchen.

              Customers visit the water tank factory
              The water tank factory is the birthplace of the dream start-up. The system always adheres to the water tank as the root, keeps the absolute leadership position of the water tank unwavering, and gathers all resources and channels to develop other leaves, so that people with dreams can join the system. More people realize their dreams. As the first stop of this dealer conference, the water tank factory showed the distributors of the country the innovation of the water tank products.

              After visiting the water tank factory, under the leadership of the regional managers of Yingying Fund, the vast dealer team entered the unified intelligent ceramics factory. The intelligent ceramics factory has all the leading intelligent equipments in the industry, 126 meters automatic wide-section tunnel kiln, squatting high-pressure grouting line, robotic glazing automatic robot, etc. Visitors are shocked, not only for ceramics factory. Advanced equipment, more comprehensive and powerful, praised: the ability to build such a leading production base requires huge investment and excellent professional strength.

              Burning Dreams 2018·Creating the Times
              The dealer conference is wonderful

              Highlight one
              Baishi Qianxian Wanzhen Strategy Launch
              The situation is bound to win
              At 14:30 pm, the dealer meeting of "The Dream of Burning 2018 · The Age of Creation" officially began. The family members gathered together to review, summarize, and share experiences together. At the meeting, Chairman Chen Dahang proposed the development strategy plan for the next five years—100 towns in Qianxian County of Baishi City, calling on the unified users of the whole country to take the strategy of “100 cities and thousands of towns and towns” as the guide, aiming at the goal and facing difficulties. We will march forward towards the goal of comprehensively improving the market penetration rate of the channels.

              Chairman Chen Dahang introduced "100 towns in Qianxian County"
              2018 is an important year for the implementation of the company's strategy, and it is also a key year for the unified use of the market. On the one hand, we will further enhance the overall image of the company and the brand, strengthen the public's brand awareness of the kitchen, and require the distributors to unify the image of the store. On the other hand, based on the existing market, we will deepen the development of the national blank market, build a more complete distribution network, and let the unified product outlets spread all over the country, comprehensively improve the channel paving rate, while deepening the potential of new markets and increasing investment. Strength, truly achieve a large national coverage.

              Highlight two
              518 unified day
              Strengthening a sense of belonging and mission
              518 is the day when the unified use of the fund was born. At the meeting, the director of Chen Dahang defined this special day of special significance as the date of the unified use, and announced that 518 is the most important day for each employer. From this year, all distributions The merchants will work together to build the 518 unified day, which will open the prelude to the promotion of the brand with a brand-new strategic planning.

              Chairman Chen Dahang announced 518 as a unified date
              5 highlights three
              5 series new product release
              5 won the praise of customers
              5 During the event, many participating dealers were attracted by the new Nuclear Cyclone 2.0 products placed next to the conference hall, carefully looking at the products and taking out the mobile phone. At the meeting, the development engineer Shi Guohe also showed the new features and experiences of the smart toilet 2 generation to the dealers nationwide.

              Highlights four
              Dealer Awards Decision
              The highest point of the dinner atmosphere
              "Best Operation Team Award", "Best Store Image Award", "Best County Level Development Award", "Provincial Sales Champion Award", "Provincial Sales Runner Award" and "Provincial Sales Third Army Award" at the dinner party The “City-level Sales Champion Award”, “City-level Sales Runner-up Award”, and “City-level Sales Third-Term Award” were decided to push the atmosphere of the conference to a climax.

              Highlights five
              Teacher lectures
              Industry forward-looking skills sharing

              Communication and win-win situation
              Round dream business closed meeting
              On the second day, on April 27th, in order to better implement the strategic plan for “100 cities and thousands of towns and towns”, the company used the senior management of the fund and the company to develop, supply, quality, brand and after-sales. The service and 518 activities and other issues were heatedly discussed. The market dreamers made statements. They all expressed that they will come up with unprecedented passion and enthusiasm, face the difficulties, fight for the first time, and explain their problems and confrontation. The fund's services make recommendations.

              At this point, the 2018 dealer conference ended successfully! We will continue to continue the success of this dealer conference. We will continue to use this brand flag to stand in the country and the world. Let us wait and see.


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