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              On September 14, 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Water Resources and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine jointly signed and promulgated the Measures for the Administration of Water Efficiency Labels. On February 26 this year, according to the provisions of the Measures for the Administration of Water Efficiency Labels, the National Development and Reform Commission, The Ministry of Water Resources, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, and the Certification and Accreditation Administration officially issued the “Rules for the Implementation of Water Efficiency Labels for Toilets”, which will be implemented on August 1 this year, thus officially establishing a water efficiency labeling management system in China.

              The establishment of the water efficiency system will more effectively promote high-efficiency water-saving products, improve water use efficiency, promote water-saving technology advancement, enhance the awareness of water conservation for the whole people, and promote the healthy and rapid development of China's water-saving products industry.

              In response to the national call, the kitchen was approved by the China National Institute of Standardization as the first water efficiency labeling laboratory in the eastern part of Guangdong. We used the kitchen to set up a water efficiency labeling laboratory and have testing capabilities and qualifications.

              The water efficiency standard laboratory carries out the quality management system planning and construction in accordance with international standards. It has a flushing function test area, a pipeline transport test area, a load-bearing test area, a size test area, a structural test area, a comprehensive test area, and a life test area. The water performance test area, etc., supported by professional laboratory equipment, the laboratory team staff is more comfortable with the detection of sanitary products. The test results are more precise and accurate.

              Innovative Technology

              Squatting high pressure grouting line

              The whole production process is automatic continuous production. It can produce 20-40 times per day according to the mud performance. The surface of the blank is smooth and the strength is good. It can be wet-processed, completely eliminating the source of dust produced by ceramics and reducing dust pollution. Moreover, the mold can be continuously grouted by draining, and no drying treatment is required, which creates a good production environment for the workers.

              Robot glazing system

              1. Efficient: The system completes multiple processes such as blowing dust, water supply, robot automatic glazing, inspection, etc. to ensure product quality;
              2, low consumption: with glaze recovery device
              3, environmental protection: the use of robot spray glaze, a change in the harsh environment of the previous artificial spray glaze.
              4. Stable: The thickness of the robot spray glaze is uniform, the consistency is strong, and the quality is stable.
              5, simple: manual drag and teach, easy to operate; can achieve short-term change of production.

              Fully automatic intelligent kiln

              "Dream No. 1" is 126 meters long and 3.5 meters wide. It is designed to focus on the high starting point and introduces advanced technology and upgrades and upgrades.

              Fully self-control intelligent: simpler, more energy-saving, higher safety and stability, production efficiency, and production qualification rate are greatly improved.

              Rapid drying zone

              1200 square meters, the largest in Chaozhou, the moisture content below 15%, can be dried in 10 hours. The kiln waste heat and natural gas combustion generate hot air for baking. The burner is reasonably configured according to the area of use, and the air duct inside can generate hot air without dead angle, saving energy and environmental protection./p>

              feature of product

              TOYO Sanitary Ware is dedicated to the innovative R&D and production of products. The kitchen products line covers high-quality kitchen cabinets such as water tank cover, sanitary ceramics, bathroom cabinets, shower rooms, shower faucets, hardware accessories, smart kitchen and kitchen appliances. Products, and has a number of international, national invention patents and design patents.

              certified product


              Guangdong TOYO Sanitary Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, the company is located in Guxiang Town, the first town of Chinese sanitary ceramics.

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